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Some Wood Trimboard Manufacturers May Deny Warranty Coverage Even if Your House Is Rotting, Decaying or Developing Mold


Trim boards can be great, particularly on the outside of a home.  They add detail and elegance at a relatively low cost.  Homes throughout the country sport them, but that also means that trim board often is exposed to heavy rain, snow, wind and sunlight, all of which can cause wood to rot, decay, swell and, ultimately, develop mold.  Once rot sets in, you can almost push your finger through the board, which has probably become as soft as a wet sponge to the touch.  And rotting trim boards will do little to improve your home’s look or value.

Trim board manufactured by WindsorOne appears to be a prime culprit.  Homeowners have reported that WindsorOne begins to warp, swell and rot shortly after installation and within the warranty period:

Windsor Mill guarantees WindsorONE’s end and edge-gluing for 10 years and its primer for 5 years. Windsor Mill will replace, without charge, any WindsorONE product that is installed according to directions and fails to meet this warranty within that time. Such replacement is the exclusive remedy for breach of warranty with no consequential or other damages recoverable.

However, WindsorOne often refuses to honor its warranty and will agree to replace only a fraction of the failed trim board.  In fact, consumers have considered starting a class action lawsuit to address tons of customer complaints on this issue.  Of course, Windsor one isn’t the only manufacturer of wood trim board that fails to last as long as it should.  Customers have complained of premature failure of similar products made by Arauco and sold under the TruChoice brand.

But issues may not be limited to these two brands – most homeowners simply don’t notice these issues until too late, and they often can’t identify the trim board manufacturer.  If your home or a home you were contracted to build has mold that is rotting, decaying or developing mold, contact the attorneys at the Blog to help determine whether you may have actionable warranty claims.

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