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Do or did you own a home or structure with CertainTeed Symphony shingles installed on the roof? Have your Symphony shingles blistered, warped, faded, or otherwise not performed as you expected? You are not alone: thousands of CertainTeed Symphony shingle customers have experienced the same problems.


CertainTeed gave customers and those in the construction industry a number of reasons to choose their Symphony shingles. CertainTeed promoted Symphony shingles as a shatter resistant alternative to natural slate shingles and promised a faster and easier installation than natural slate shingles. CertainTeed also boasted their Symphony shingles’ “incredible strength,” “remarkable durability,” “excellent weathering capabilities,” and “U.V. fade resistant surface technology for superior color stability.” It is no wonder so many consumers chose CertainTeed’s Symphony shingles.

Despite CertainTeed’s lofty claims, Symphony shingles have suffered from defects that cause them to blister, warp, fade, and otherwise prematurely fail. These problems also can cause damage to underlying homes and structures. CertainTeed customers are therefore forced to repair or replace shingles far sooner than CertainTeed’s 50-year warranty promises. A similar problem has previously been the subject of a lawsuit involving other shingles manufactured by CertainTeed, but this problem of premature failure exists in CertainTeed’s Symphony shingles as well. Continue reading