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Appliance-related water damage can be EXPENSIVE. In 2021, the average water-related insurance claim totaled more than $11,000. And where water damage is afoot, dishwashers are a prime suspect. But as Entrusted, a water restoration company explains, “a dishwasher is designed to work for only 10 years. “ Ignore the “only” – 10 years is what matters. New dishwashers simply shouldn’t leak. And, in fact, most don’t. But owners of Samsung Dishwashers report that not only do Samsung Dishwashers leak – Samsung Dishwashers also display an LC error code that supposedly signals a leak only to discover they can’t find one, or that the tub still is full of water because their Samsung Dishwasher has shut-off mid-cycle and won’t drain, only to start leaking thereafter.

Let’s start with the biggest risk: a leaking dishwasher. Samsung Dishwasher owners have taken to retailer websites en masse to report that Samsung Dishwashers begin to leak shortly after the warranty has expired. A Samsung Dishwasher owner posting under the ever-appropriate handle “Disappointed” reports that his Samsung Dishwasher.

Doesn’t clean, Doesn’t dry, Doesn’t drain – always water puddled inside and now it started leaking on the outside on my kitchen floor. Only had this dishwasher for 18 months!!!

Not 18 years; not even 10 years; 18 MONTHS. And he’s not alone. Numerous other Samsung Dishwasher owners report considerable leaking well inside their Samsung Dishwasher’s service life. User NinaW made similar claims: Continue reading

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