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New countertops are one of the most expensive items in a remodeled kitchen. So when a consumer pays a premium for a Quartzite Countertop with assurances that Quartzite is a superior product to other countertops because it is essentially maintenance free, the consumer expects to receive Quartzite.

Quartzite is a 100% natural stone that comes directly from the earth. It is mined in several locations in the world. The most famous quarries are in Brazil. However, Quartzite is also mined in the United States, Sweden, Canada and Italy. Natural Quartzite is very durable. It is not affected by harsh weather or UV light.

Currently, Quartzite is highly desirable. However, an unfortunate side effect of this desirability is the temptation to sell stones as Quartzite when they are not actually Quartzite. Thus, Quartzite is commonly mislabeled, which has resulted in widespread confusion about the properties of the stone. So-called “soft Quartzite” is usually marble, which has entirely different properties than real Quartzite. Simple diagnostic tests can be used to differentiate Quartzite and marble. Furthermore, some sandstones are sold as Quartzite, which further adds to the mix-up. Sandstone and Quartzite have the same mineral ingredients (quartz), but Quartzite has much lower porosity.  Thankfully, it seems that both industry pros and consumers are becoming more discerning about what Quartzite truly is, or is not. Continue reading

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