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LG Dishwasher “LE” Error Code? Customer Complaints Say Design Flaw


Dishwashers are EXPENSIVE. Like, really expensive. High-end dishwashers can retail for upwards of $2,000. And LG-brand dishwashers, though not at the top of the price heap, will still set you back a cool $1,000 after taxes and fees. But that’s really a small price to pay for the comfort of not having to hand-wash your dishes, isn’t it? But, wait … what if you spent $1,000 on an LG Dishwasher only to learn that it would stop working in a few years … would you change your view on LG Dishwashers if you knew customers complain they will stop working well because they suffer from a defect that within two years would require repairs so expensive that you would be better off simply buying a new dishwasher?

If you’re like many other LG Dishwasher owners, you’ve probably learned this hard truth by now. According to consumer complaints, the pump motor assembly used in LG Dishwashers is defectively designed. Pump motors are critical dishwasher components, including in dishwashers sold under the LG brand name. As the folks at explain:

If the dishwasher won’t clean the dishes the pump and motor assembly might be defective. Once the dishwasher fills with water, the pump forces the water through the wash arms in order to spray the dishes. If the motor is defective, the pump impeller is broken, or some part of the pump is clogged, the dishes won’t be clean. If the pump and motor has power to it and will not run it will need to be replaced.

In simplest terms, customers complain that if your LG Dishwasher seems not to be cleaning well, it may be in the early stages failure of pump motor failure.  As the the LG Dishwasher’s pump motor worsens, you may receive an “LE” error code and the motor will stop working completely and leave you scrambling to get it fixed before you have to go back to using your hands.

What’s even more frustrating is the why your LG Dishwasher may stop working: consumers’ and technicians’ complaints of LG Dishwashers indicate that the pump motor in LG Dishwashers is not sealed correctly due to poor design, and that’s what causes the LG Dishwasher pump motor to stop working and the “LE” error code to appear. Thus, even when LG agrees to replace the pump motor, customer complaints indicate the repair doesn’t fix the seal and your dishwasher is likely to fail again and again:

The reason the motor fails is because the seal where the motor shaft goes through wears out, causing water to leak onto the motor and rust it out. The seal is embedded in the assembly and it appears you cannot replace only the seal … they do is send out an LG technician for a $160 service call visit, and the tech replaces the motor but not the seal which still leaks and your new motor will fail again in less than a year. This happened to me twice before I gave up and bought a new dishwasher, of course a different brand. After I replaced my piece of crap LG dishwasher I took off the motor and discovered the problem. So LG temporarily fixes the symptom but not the real problem (faulty seal).

What’s more, consumer complaints suggest that LG ignores the dishwasher’s failing pump motor (poor draining, dirty dishes following a cleaning cycle, odors from within the dishwasher) until the motor actually fails and registers an “LE” error code. It is at that point that LG informs consumers that, if they’re lucky, the motor is under warranty and they’ll ONLY have to spend a few hundred bucks in labor. Consumers with LG Dishwashers don’t fail until after the first year will be out of luck…

LG has essentially conceded that its dishwashers were defectively designed—LG now sells a “redesigned” motor that improved on the old design. But this does nothing for consumers who purchased a defectively designed LG Dishwasher that LG could not properly repair while under warranty. And that is simply unacceptable.

If you or someone you know owns an LG Dishwasher that has experienced an “LE” error code and pump motor failure, please contact us to discuss our investigation and how we may be able to help you.

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