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Lenovo Laptop Hinges Crack, Break and Damage Your Computer Screen

Do you or did you own a Lenovo Yoga, Ideapad or Thinkpad computer manufactured after 2008? Has the hinge on your computer broken off the screen? You are not alone: thousands of other Lenovo Yoga series computer owners across the country have experienced the same problems: Lenovo laptop hinges are predisposed to cracking for no reason whatsoever, and once a Lenovo hinge cracks or breaks, it often damages the screen itself and renders Lenovo laptops almost useless. Lenovo has known that the hinge on their computers were defective as early as 2008 (if not earlier) when customers complained about the problem either directly to Lenovo or indirectly through the Lenovo’s online forum.


Lenovo claims “to deliver the unexpected – whether it’s a ThinkPad that can survive a sandstorm, a Yoga that’s the first 2-in-1 to flip and fold, or a smartphone that continually changes its shape and functions.” However, customers have witnessed that Lenovo products cannot withstand even daily use. ( But Lenovo owners had no reason to suspect that the laptop hinges would eventually crack, damaging the screen itself and depriving owners of a functioning computer for which they paid thousands of dollars. Indeed, consumers report the following to say about their Lenovo Yoga series laptops:

“I bought my notebook only last March… Didn’t notice that something was wrong with it until last week when I tried to close it (as per normal), that something [suddenly] snap/cracked. I was shocked to see that the hinge near the volume control had broken… I’m afraid the damage could also get worse as everytime I close it, there’s a clicking sound. Now, I have to send it for repair and they’re telling me that it needs to be tested to provide that it’s not customer induce damage, else I need to pay for the repair. I guess this is just a standard procedure for them but I really hope this test is reliable as I’ve never done anything to damage it. I sincerely hope they will also be able to fix it properly in the soonest possible time.” (

“I got Y510 four months back. A fortnight ago while opening the lid, cracked noise was heard and I saw that the speaker control side is broken.” (

“One day when you’ve opened of closed the lid as you would with normal use, you here a pop and notice that the screen has separated from the lid body in one of the corners near the hinge (screen glass  may or may develop a crack at that point). If you chose to do nothing though, this problem will only get worse and, eventually, the screen glass will crack.” (

“This is the second Lenovo laptop I’ve had with the same hinge failure in 2.5 years. This second laptop is the replacement sent to me by the company so I’ve treated it much more delicately than a laptop of its build should require. Regardless, it only lasted a little over a year before the metal chassis connecting the hinge to the monitor broke away. The laptop cannot even be closed making it pretty useless to me as a student. Now my warranty has expired and I doubt I’ll be able to get any assistance.” (

If you or someone you know has been let down by one of the Lenovo laptops listed above due to a hinge breaking, cracking or detaching from the screen, and Lenovo refused to repair your computer at no cost, it may be time to visit an attorney. While there is currently no action in the United States to reimburse American consumers for Lenovo’s failings, Cafferty Clobes Meriwether & Sprengel LLP is currently investigating the issue, and would be welcome to speak with you about any potential claims you may have.

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