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Consumers Complain that Grassology Is a “Scam,” “Ripoff” and Simply Will Not Grow


Summertime is here, and there are few things better than sitting outside and sipping lemonade on your luscious green lawn. What’s that? Your lawn has patches? And dead spots? And is looking a bit brown? Oh …. Well, I bet you really want to find a way to get save those dead spots by quickly growing some new green grass. Wouldn’t it be nice if the grass were durable and maintenance free, too? Yeah, that would be pretty great. And if you were to hear it from Telebrands, purveyors of all manner of “As Seen on TV” products, miracle grass DOES exist: Grassology.

According to the Grassology website, Grassology is a “patent pending” proprietary mix of dwarf grass that will grow anywhere. Grassology claims that because its product grows shorter and more slowly than typical grass, “Grassology gives you a gorgeous lawn that’s virtually maintenance-free.” And because its roots grow four times longer than average, Grassology also does not need to be watered as often. The makers of Grassology also claim it’s just as easy to plant. “You can use it to fix bad spots, or you can sprinkle it over your entire lawn. And before you know it, you’ll have barefoot soft grass that naturally resists disease, resists insects, and even resists weeds!

Well, like almost every product that sounds too good to be true, consumer complaints suggest that Grassology simply does not grow, does not save your lawn and does not work as advertised.  Simply put, consumer complaints make Grassology sounds like another telemarketing ripoff scam.

According to user complaints, although Grassology advertises itself as a miracle product that will save your lawn, Grassology will not grow regardless of whether instructions are followed. 50% of Amazon reviewers have given it one or two stars and complaint that it is a “disappointment,” “waste of money” and a “scam.” Indeed, even though Grassology costs almost three times as much as ordinary grass seeds, some experts have concluded that Grassology’s touted formula is little more than low-grade seed that’s unlikely to grow in even the best conditions:

Grassology is a mix of fine fescues, tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass – with a few weed seeds thrown in. In many ways, this is a horrible product. First, this mixture of grass species will grow into a patchwork of different textures and colors. Second, this is all “Variety not stated” (VNS) seed. There are no variety names listed for any of the species – a dead give-away that this is a low-quality product that no reputable seed company would sell to anyone (except to people who either don’t read the seed label… or who don’t understand what “VNS” means – which is most everyone who is not a professional turf manager). Third, the amount of Weed Seed (0.05%) is a large amount of weed seed for a turf product; with a little effort, the homeowner can find good quality turf seed that is 0.00% weed seed. Finally, the cost of this product borders on the outrageous. Three pounds of seed for $19.99 – which works out to $6.66 per pound (a devilishly scary number!). And even more: this is coated seed (to theoretically aid in germination), so there is really only a little more than 1 1/2 pounds of seed in the bag! Readers of this blog in Colorado can purchase premium quality seed (named varieties – the same stuff that sod producers and golf course superintendents buy) from a number of Colorado seed companies – and at a much lower cost per pound than this stuff.

Grassology does not grow because you’ve simply chosen “a lower-quality product at a significantly higher price!!”

What’s more, consumer complaints indicate that although Grassology offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee, that period expires before you learn that Grassology doesn’t work. By the time affected customers call to complain, it’s simply too late to receive a refund.

If you’ve already been scammed by this defective product, we’d love to help you hold Grassology accountable. Please contact us to discuss your Grassology complaints, your rights and how we can work together to take this product off the market.

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