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Faulty Gas Valves Plague 2018-2020 Rheem Professional Classic 40 Gallon and 50 Gallon Natural Gas Residential Hot Water Heaters

Homeowners consistently report that their 2018-2020 Rheem Professional Classic Series 40 and 50 gallon residential hot water heaters have a defect in the gas valve that causes their hot water heaters to fail within a few months of installation. Consumers should not spend $1,300-$1,800 for a hot water heater that fails within months (or sometimes even days) of its purchase. Rheem’s defective natural gas hot water heaters have caused thousands of homeowners to go without hot water and subjected them to expensive (and repeated) repairs.

The gas valve is a small device that is located on the outside of the hot water heater’s tank that opens and closes gas flow to the pilot light and the main burner. Without a properly functioning gas control valve, your Rheem hot water is rendered completely useless and cannot heat your water.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of consumers have purchased Rheem hot water heaters with defective gas control valves and have been forced to pay out of pocket for repairs and labor costs within mere months of installing their Rheem hot water heaters. To add insult to injury, owners of the 2018 – 2020 Rheem 40 and 50 gallon natural gas hot water heaters are sent faulty replacement gas valves when they contact Rheem regarding their defective hot water heaters:

“I cannot sink another 1000 into this after I’ve paid 1000 in repairs on a tank that is supposed to be guaranteed. It is a faulty tank and the replacement parts were also faulty. I recommend everyone runs away from this company as they are not helpful or reliable and have robbed me of basic needs and continuous money for repairs not covered by them.”

If you own a 2018-2020 Rheem Professional Classic Series 40 Gallon Residential Gas Water Heater or a 2018-2020 Rheem professional Classic Series Natural Gas 50 Gallon Water Heater and have been forced to pay for expensive repairs because of a defective gas valve, then you should contact Alexander Sweatman at the national plaintiff’s firm Cafferty Clobes Meriwether & Sprengel, which is investigating Rheem’s business practices, and would be happy to discuss any potential claims you may have. Contact or 312-276-3402.

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