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CertainTeed Symphony Shingles Blister, Warp, and Fade

Do or did you own a home or structure with CertainTeed Symphony shingles installed on the roof? Have your Symphony shingles blistered, warped, faded, or otherwise not performed as you expected? You are not alone: thousands of CertainTeed Symphony shingle customers have experienced the same problems.


CertainTeed gave customers and those in the construction industry a number of reasons to choose their Symphony shingles. CertainTeed promoted Symphony shingles as a shatter resistant alternative to natural slate shingles and promised a faster and easier installation than natural slate shingles. CertainTeed also boasted their Symphony shingles’ “incredible strength,” “remarkable durability,” “excellent weathering capabilities,” and “U.V. fade resistant surface technology for superior color stability.” It is no wonder so many consumers chose CertainTeed’s Symphony shingles.

Despite CertainTeed’s lofty claims, Symphony shingles have suffered from defects that cause them to blister, warp, fade, and otherwise prematurely fail. These problems also can cause damage to underlying homes and structures. CertainTeed customers are therefore forced to repair or replace shingles far sooner than CertainTeed’s 50-year warranty promises. A similar problem has previously been the subject of a lawsuit involving other shingles manufactured by CertainTeed, but this problem of premature failure exists in CertainTeed’s Symphony shingles as well.

CertainTeed’s roofing products are promoted as the “highest quality materials” and backed by a “strong warranty program.” CertainTeed customers and those in the construction industry had no reason to suspect that these CertainTeed Symphony shingles would eventually blister, warp, fade, and cause damage to the underlying structure of their homes. Especially when CertainTeed provided a 50-year warranty that Symphony shingles would be free from defects that cause leaks. CertainTeed guarantees its customers that with their 50-year limited warranty, Symphony shingles are assured to perform for “generations to come.” Additionally, CertainTeed promises to provide SureStart™ Protection, which provides that if a manufacturing defect that causes leaks occurs within 7 years of their original installation, labor and material repair and replacement costs will be covered.

However, even if CertainTeed decides to honor its warranty, consumers may still have to pay extensive costs. CertainTeed’s 50-year warranty does not cover all the damage caused by their Symphony shingles. CertainTeed will only cover the cost of labor for replacement and repair for the first seven years of their 50-year warranty. Additionally, CertainTeed’s 50-year warranty does not cover the cost of “[r]oof tear-off, metal work, flashing and disposal expenses” at all. Consequently, CertainTeed customers are having to pay the hefty price to repair or replace their Symphony shingles when they do not live up to CertainTeed’s assurances.

CertainTeed is aware of the premature failures of their Symphony shingles. In addition to receiving various requests for them to honor their 50-year warranty, CertainTeed discontinued the production of Symphony shingles in 2018.

If you or someone you know have been let down by CertainTeed Symphony shingles between 2008 and the present, due to blistering, warping, fading, it may be time to visit an attorney. Cafferty Clobes Meriwether & Sprengel LLP, a national Plaintiffs’ firm, is currently investigating the issue, and would be welcome to speak with you about any potential claims you may have.