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5 Second Fix Does Not Work: Customers Claim Product is a “Scam”


As loyal readers know, we here at The Blog are quite skeptical when it comes to hard-to-believe advertising claims.  The XHose? Too good to be true.  The FlexBelt? Looks like another fibber.  And now ….. the 5 Second Fix.  If you’re like us and watch even a few minutes of late night TV weekly, you’ve probably come across an ad for the 5 Second Fix – a supposed upgrade over traditional superglues that is “welded” with an ultraviolet light shortly after application, allowing you to “fix, fill and seal … in 5 second or less” and achieve a “durable permanent bond” and “everlasting repair.”  But don’t listen to us; hear it from the manufacturer itself:

I mean, you can’t argue with that ad? 5 Second Fix couldn’t actually be a scam or ripoff, right? I mean, look how well it works in that commercial?  But what if 5 Second Fix doesn’t work? Does that mean that 5 Second Fix’s marketing claims are completely bogus?  Unfortunately, our investigation suggests that 5 Second Fix simply doesn’t work as advertised and will not create a permanent bond.  In short, 5 Second Fix likely is a scam product intended to rip off customers for their hard-earned dollars.

As is often the case, tells most of the story.  48& of Amazon’s reviews for 5 Second Fix are ONE STAR.  ONE. STAR.  And although 28% of reviewers gave it 5-stars, other reviewers indicate that rating may be inflated by customers who provide a good review on Amazon in exchange for free, additional tubes of 5 Second Fix.  In other words, 5 Second Fix is using customers unaware they have been ripped off by a product that does not work in order to scam new customers with the exact same defective product!  Just look at some of these reviews:

Save your money. I really wanted this to be as advertised as it is exactly what I needed for several different projects. 1. When it arrived the pen was leaking inside the package and has not stopped leaking. 2. I tried it on PVC, pot metal drawer knob, Plexiglas and all failed to hold up to any kind of pressure. I was going to try it on leather but used gorilla glue instead. I do NOT recommend this brand of the blue light glue as it is too weak and won’t hold. Use super glue or gorilla glue, or another brand of blue light glue. I held the light on the liquid for 10 seconds instead of 5 as I noticed that was the time used by my dentist with a similar product.

I watched the infomercial and have a pair of sunglasses with a broken handle and though this would work to repair them. I opened the product, which has a strong odor and tried to use the nozzle to dispense the product. The nozzle tip did not work and the product started to leak. I had to screw open the product to apply the glue and then used the light to “cure” the seal. It did not seal after I made 5 attempts. I then tried to use this to repair a chipped vase and the product would not seal after using the light to “cure” the seal. This product did not work at all, and was a messy, smelly experience. I would not purchase this item again.

This did not work! I just wasted my money on this, I tried it on several different things and it just would not work. It did not hold on the cell phone I was repairing, which this was recommended to use on it. totally not worth the money!

What’s more, some users complain that although 5 Second Fix offers a money-back guarantee, the company refuses to honor it unless you purchased the product directly through them! This leaves customers with little choice but to eat the $19.99-$49.99 they paid for 5 Second Fix: a “crap” “scam” that simply doesn’t work.

If you or someone you know has purchased 5 Second Fix only to learn that it’s defective and doesn’t work as advertised, we here at The Blog would love to speak to you.

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