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Is Your Rhino Deck Failing? So Are Lots of Others

Have you installed Rhino Deck composite decking in your outdoor area?  If so, like many consumers, you were probably looking for a low maintenance alternative to wooden decking.  And you may have been sorely disappointed.

Homeowners around the country are reporting that Rhino Deck products are failing despite proper installation.  Worse, the manufacturer, Master Mark Plastic, is generally refusing to stand behind its product.

Here is what people are saying:

We built a new home in 2003. We wanted our outdoor area to be as low maintenance as possible, so we built a large deck rather than putting in a lawn. We also used Rhino Decking since it was advertised as no/low maintenance. What a joke. It was constructed with spaces between the boards. Soon they swelled and the gaps disappeared. We live in western Oregon where there is a lot of moisture. The mildew is very thick and when it’s wet it becomes slippery and dangerous. It’s even worse when it freezes. We also have trouble with the deck growing moss. . Mowing grass would be much easier and better to look at than this disgusting Rhino deck! It’s my desire to join a class action suit if there ever is one.


I built a house last year and used this product; what a mistake. I have the mildew and the fascia boards are severely warped. The color faded after several months. I should have just used wood. I hope there is a class actions suit because it is obviously defective.


We purchased Rhino decking in 2002/2003. By the second summer we noticed that we were getting a lot of mildew spots on the boards and the spaces between the boards were narrowing. This was getting worse as the summer went on. Then it began buckling and pushing the railing system out. After contacting the company they asked us to send them pictures of the problem which we did. They said the problem was because there was no spacing between the boards and that we installed the deck improperly. We tried to explain that it had been put together correctly, but it was their deck material that absorbed the water and swelled therefore closing the spaces. This was all to no avail. Now we hear that they are going bankrupt and we are facing tearing off the deck and burning it. So much for “no maintenance” decking. I would never recommend Rhino decking to anyone. In fact, stay far away from this product. It is no good and Master Mark does not stand behind their product. (bolding by the Blog).

The reviews are similar over at Consumer Reports:

I used the Rhino decking for my deck and installed it according to the installation instructions. It has done EVERYTHING that it is NOT supposed to do. Three company representatives have promised me everything from replacement prodect to product and labor. The first two people were in the warranty department and no longer work at Rhino and my warranty information is lost. How do they loose all record of my claim when both people spent time inspecting my deck and takeing pictures. The last person I met in person and they promised to resolve my problem within a week or two. It have been 10 months and they do not return my call! This is the poorest company I have ever dealt with. (bolding by the Blog).

If you’ve had a similar experience, it may be a good idea to learn more about your legal rights.  The things that were said – and not said – in the marketing of Rhino Deck products may be illegal under the laws of your state.  The attorneys at Cafferty Clobes Meriwether & Sprengel would be happy to talk with you about your situation.